Seductive, glamorous, and iconic. The traditional cat-eye frames are a true style catalyst synonymous with retro and nostalgia of the 1950’s and 60’s. Prior to the 1950’s eyewear was maligned as an undesirable functional object for those with poor vision, until American celebrities and starlets throughout Hollywood brought the now iconic Cat-Eye frame from their wardrobe onto the silver screen marking a newfound acceptance of eyewear as a fashionable and expressive personal accessory. Playing off the legacy of the cat eye “Creature” pushes this evolution one step further, shedding it’s old skin and turning the notion of the demure 50’s woman on it’s head by adopting a more aggressive, and angular form language. “Creature” mines the influence and mise-en-scène from film noir’s moody and iconic archetypes of femmes fatales, doomed heroes and anti-heroes from cinema with the intent to move the traditional cat-eye styling from icon to iconoclast.

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