Narcissus, the lively companion to last season’s hit frame Creature, probes the complicated interplay of two 1980s cultural phenomena that continue to reverberate in contemporary society: the embrace of angular, directional silhouettes in fashion and the rapid shift from analog to digital technology. This modern revival of a DITA classic exemplifies the brand’s dedication to fine design and innovative materials. Narcissus’s oversized frame recalls the bold, muscular proportions of 80s-era womenswear and accessories—silhouettes that tinkers with traditional concepts of power and subverted gender roles; the effect is especially pronounced in the carefully sculpted acetate lens rims, which dispense with cliché and offers a fresh take on power dressing for modern women. The contrast of materials and the novel experimentation with familiar form makes Narcissus a bridge between past and present, nostalgia and innovation. The slender titanium front frame and 2-base lens configuration recall the flourishing technological advances that heralded the arrival of the digital age; exquisitely rendered monofilament details, made possible by DITA’s precision manufacturing techniques, demonstrate the power of technology to disrupt not just the clothing we wear, but the way we lead our lives.

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